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A little about me, your friendly insurance broker

From a recent past background as a school
principal, I bring to the advisory role, an extensive range of skills, not least of which is a passion for engaging with people from all walks of life.

As a Broker, I work independently, therefore, I am able to source the best insurance package for my clients from a wide range of providers that is best tailored to meet their needs, both in terms of risk management and long-term affordability.


I specialise in:

Personalised review of client’s existing covers including:

  • future projections of likely premium increases over the next 10, 20 & 30 years
  • Levelled options for Life & Trauma to ensure future affordability and sustainability
  • Preparation for client of a comprehensive Statement of Advice

insurance doesn’t have to be complicated

Interesting facts about typical “Stepped” or “Rate for Age” premiums?

Did you know
That from age 40 to age 60 premiums go up by:

  • ­Life cover > 500%
  • ­Trauma cover @1000%
  • ­Health cover >1000%

How can we mitigate this?

Do you still want insurance when you’re 70 or 80?

What are the Ramifications?

85% of people who have life insurance actually die without it?

  • The average length of time people have trauma insurance is just 6 years. Life is not much better, being 7 years
  • The typical reason for cessation is?
    • Cost

What does the data tell us?

Example: $200,000 of Life insurance levelled to age 80
Annual premiums are?

Levelled premium p.a - Never Changes

Stepped premium at age 40

Stepped premium at age 50

Stepped premium at age 60

Stepped premium at age 70

Stepped premium at 80

Security for the future


As Advisors, we have to consider the premium affordability over time for our clients and how long they want the cover for.

Levelled Premiums are:

  • The same premium now and in the decades to come
  • Ensures long term affordability and sustainability, with the cover taken through to policy termination.
  • Accumulated premiums to age 70+ are significantly cheaper than accumulated “stepped” premiums
  • A client with a levelled premium component does not have any future premium rises because they are locked.
  • Ability to include annual CPI adjustment if desired.

My Specialties

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Life Insurance

Trauma / Disability Protection

Mortgage & Income Protection

Income Protection

Medical Insurance

Booster Kiwi Saver

Business and General

ACC Levy Advice

Fire and General


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If you have any questions or need assistance with insurance issues, reviews, claims, or anything else, please feel free to fill out the secure form below and I’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.

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