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My Own Testimonial

At a personal level, it was just 9 years ago that my wife
Kym and I first had our broker review our existing
insurance covers. Both of us found that many of our
existing policies were quite dated and lacked
enhancements that so many new policies have for the
same price. At that time we additionally took out
Trauma cover which we have forever been eternally
grateful for, because just 14 months after that I had a
heart attack resulting in three weeks off work. This
triggered a full payout of my Trauma cover; money that
helped secure our house purchase.

01. Strategic

Whether you have existing insurance covers or not; it is important to review these if your circumstances have
changed in regard to income levels, premiums increasing, home ownership, family or employment changes.

02. Professional

I specialise in making policies affordable and sustainable over time through “levelled” options to
lock in premium prices at today’s rates and to avoid the problem of escalating and non-sustainable premiums.

03. Loyal

I would love to give you the opportunity to sit down with me to review your current insurance portfolio. This
would be a total obligation free consultation to reach a solution that best meets your current
and future needs.

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